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Location: 3355 s Yarrow St Lakewood CO 80227 us
Phone: 303.989.9820

BC's Sports Pub, Denver
  • Fridays 8:00 PM
  • 9 Ball 
  • Open to all
  • $8 Entry

Location: 6501 W Mississippi Ave 
Lakewood CO
Phone: 303-936-8513

Greenfields Pool and Sports Bar

BC's Sports Pub, Denver

Denver Pool Tournaments

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 Glass City Open
Feb 25-27th 2011
Featured Tournament
The is a webpage where all pool and billiards venues in Colorado can post their local tournaments. Denver Pool players are welcome to access this page for information about current and upcoming pool tournaments in Denver and the surrounding areas. Pool tournaments are a great way to see where you stand against the local competition. There are all kinds of tournaments within the state of Colorado. We hope that this website will be used as a helpful tool to promote pool tournaments more often. 
As part of the Colorado pool players community, we hope to engage the community into being more active with the sport of pool. We believe the Pocket Billiards is great game and it can provide people with the ability to hone their skills and progress in their skill level.  Practicing pool is an essential element to improving your game. We hope to see people using this site to come together and practice more often. Please feel free to utilize the training videos as well. 

If you are a bar or Pool hall owner, feel free to contact us at Charles@DenverBilliards.net for help. We will be happy to create your advertisement and business. We will post that information on the appropriate section of this website. This is a free service to help promote pool tournaments within Colorado. We hope that this feature will be offered to all other states and the site progresses.

  • Saturday 3:00 PM
  • Speed Pool Challenge 
  • Open to all
  • $8 Entry
  • Happy hour till 7:00 PM

Location: 9890 West Girton Drive
Lakewood CO
Phone: 303-989-2991