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Group Name: Practice or Perish
Members: BCA Ranking
Allan Pettis      6
Jake Gruber      5
Casey Enslow   5
Current Leagues: BCA - Nine Ball 
Primary Meeting Locations:
Greenfields  Pool and Sports Bar
3355 s Yarrow St Lakewood CO 80227 us
Phone: 303.989.9820
Currrent Leagues:

Meeting Locations:

Additional Comments:

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This is one of the first pool players chat rooms that has been placed on the Internet. We hope to see this room being utilized more often as the Billiards Social websites are going to grow more popular. This Denver Billiards Chat room will be a tool that people can use to communicate with others without having to use traditional methods of communication, such as email.
Within this Denver billiards website, more social networking tools will become available as the site becomes more popular. We strive to create a more useful form of communication within the Denver billiard community. We hope the the Denver pool scene will grow to be more integrated within the community.

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